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Bible Study Groups

'Women of the Way' is a house Bible study group for ladies which meets once a fortnight at the home of Sandra Wright, 10 West Park Terrace, Inverbervie on a Thursday evening and at the home of Margaret Wells, 3  Queen Johanna Drive, Inverbervie on a Monday afternoon. We come from all walks of life, have been following Jesus for different lengths of time, and range in age from mid-20's to 90's.

WOW meets on Mondays at 1pm, or on Thursdays at 7:30pm for about 2 hours. The same material is covered, so you're welcome to go to whatever gathering suits you best.


We meet to learn more about the Bible in a comfortable, friendly setting. Our aim is to learn from what God shows us in the Bible and how to apply this to our daily lives.


The groups are very informal and friendly, and any newcomers are eagerly welcomed. The meetings consist of a time of singing, a prayer, readings from the Bible and discussion on the various questions arising from the text. Everyone is encouraged to add to the discussion, but if anyone finds difficulty in speaking in front of others then they can just listen to the discussion and meditate on the answers of others. There is usually a short time of prayer at the end.


We usually finish off with a cup of tea or coffee and a cake or biscuit. This is a good time to discuss any questions left unanswered in the group time or just a time to catch up with the other members of the group and share life stories. We'd love to see you soon!

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