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In the spring of 2021, our Kirk Session (the leadership group of ABK Church) approved a 5-Year-Plan that runs from 2021 to the end of 2025.

Throughout the scriptures, we meet a God who makes plans. He meticulously planned the formation & intricacy of creation, and also our salvation. We encounter his people who planned, whether it's Moses' plan to lead God's people to freedom, Nehemiah's plan to rebuild the city walls, or Jesus' plan to come to seek and save the lost.

The Bible call us as individuals, and as a church family, to be wise, to make good decisions & plans, and to trust those plans into God's hands. 

We believe that the following Five Year Plan is how God is leading us over the next few years to fulfil the mission he has given us in our local communities, and across the world. This is a plan that involves everyone in our church family. Whoever you are, whatever stage of life you're in, we want to you help us grow and flourish as a church. We believe this plan will help us in this journey.

In our Five Year Plan document, we first outline the Vision and Mission statements of our church, and the thinking behind them. We then detail the five 'distinctives' (or characteristics) we hope will be embodied by our church family. Finally, we break down our Five Year Plan into three key areas: Ministry, Mission and Administration. Each of these areas has a number of action points that we seek to complete and work on over these few years.

Our prayer is that this document is a catalyst in shaping our church family into all that God wants us to be, as we serve and follow our King and Saviour.

Click the button below to read our Five Year Plan

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